“Ballyhoura Dragons” Calls for Budding Entrepreneurs from Across Ireland

Ballyhoura Development Ltd. has announced a new initiative to aid prospective entrepreneurs from all over Ireland to set up successful and sustainable enterprises in the Ballyhoura Region and gain seed capital from investors. The “Ballyhoura Dragons” programme also marks the 21st anniversary of Ballyhoura Development Ltd.

 “Ballyhoura Dragons” is open to entrepreneurs from all over the country who are interested in setting up a business in Ballyhoura or who have set up an enterprise with less than ten employees in the past 12 months. It will aim to give entrepreneurs access to experienced local and nationally recognised business people who will help them to develop their business. More than 90% of the programme cost will be subsidised by Ballyhoura Development Ltd. who are hoping to encourage entrepreneurs from across the country to set up their business in Ballyhoura.

Ballyhoura Development Ltd. is based in Kilfinane and spans South East Limerick and North East Cork which has a population of approximately 80,000. Those interested in applying for the Ballyhoura Dragon programme must submit a business plan to outline their business idea. An independent panel will then choose the businesses with the most potential. Such a programme would usually cost businesses more than €10,000 but with Ballyhoura Development Ltd., is available for just €1,500 to successful candidates.

It is hoped that the programme will attract budding entrepreneurs from all over Ireland to the region as well as encourage those who may find themselves at a crossroads to take the next step to set up their own business.

The chosen entrepreneurs will be mentored over a period of six months with six sessions of one-on-one mentoring covering the areas of the business which need assistance. Two of these workshops will be given by nationally and internationally prominent business people.

The programme will culminate in a Dragons Den event where candidates will pitch their business to potential investors in front of locals, friends and family.

Successful candidates will receive customised mentoring to the value of €10,000 throughout the six month period as well as the opportunity to showcase their business at various trade fairs, and ultimately gain investment to secure the future of their business.

Speaking of the initiative, John Walsh, Chair of Ballyhoura Development Ltd said “In the current economic climate, new enterprise can be dampened with the lack of support and funding available. With a large percentage of the population here involved in the struggling agriculture industry, the region has undergone a sustained period of change and migration in the past number of years and is in real need of a boost.”

Belinda Spillane, Enterprise Officer with Ballyhoura Development Ltd concurred stating “The aim of Ballyhoura Dragons is to nurture, support and develop new business ideas to ensure a thriving economic environment in the future. The programme will provide a supported environment to stress test business ideas, products and services and also to create a strong, convincing investment proposition to potential investors.”

Final date for submission to the programme is 26th February 2010. For further information contact Belinda Spillane 063-91749.

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